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Personal Injury Lawye

Having the support of a local, Philadelphia-based personal injury lawyer during times of physical pain and financial uncertainty can help to create a sense of security and ease the fears of those who are suffering due to the negligence of others. The law offices of Jared S. Zafran offer services for clients that cover personal injury complaints and lawsuits, so clients don’t have to worry about how they are going to pay medical bills or cover expenses. A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can assist you with all of your questions and concerns, walk you through the process of creating a case, and help you get the compensation that you are entitled to receive.

What kind of cases do Personal Injury Attorneys Handle?

personal injury

A personal injury case is an umbrella term for a variety of different complaints. Typically, a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will assist clients with cases involving a physical injury due to the negligence of others. Personal injury cases are meant to deal specifically with complaints involving personal bodily harm or death stemming from the negligence or actions of another party. These can include accidents, cases of carelessness or neglect that lead to injury, and a loss of financial security due to missed work, accrued medical bills, or other related issues.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is injured by a medical professional who fails to competently perform medical duties, in the form of improper treatment, failure to diagnose, or failure to warn the patient of risks. Medical malpractice is considered a personal injury because it deals with an injury that resulted from someone else’s carelessness.

When a doctor’s negligence causes an injury, patients can sue for physical pain, mental anguish, medical bills, and lost wages. However, in most states, medical malpractice cases must be brought within a certain time period soon after the injury.  If someone you love has been the victim of medical malpractice, contact the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran’s roster of experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal options.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death refers to a situation when a person dies due to the negligence of another party. Wrongful death can stem from almost any kind of personal injury, including physical injury and illness. The immediate family of a deceased person can file a wrongful death claim against the party who caused the personal injury. These claims are meant to compensate the family for financial losses resulting from the family member's death. If someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death, contact experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal options.

Workplace Injuries

Many believe that if they’ve been injured at work, the only compensation they’re entitled to will come from their employer's workers' compensation insurance. While this is true in many cases, pursuing a personal injury claim may be an option. If you as an employee were injured because of your employer's conduct, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Although workers' compensation will provide compensation for injured workers, payments are not generous and don't account for pain and suffering. A personal injury case can request damages to punish an employer for poor safety and dangerous conditions. If you have been the victim of a workplace injury, contact experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal options.

Birth Injuries

Birth injury refers to any injuries sustained by a baby during pregnancy, during delivery, or just after delivery. Birth injuries are considered personal injury cases. In addition, birth injuries can also happen to mothers and can have serious and long-term effects.
If an infant is injured at birth, its parents may file a lawsuit asking for damages on behalf of their child, which include the cost of mental and physical suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. A mother with a birth injury can file a claim for medical malpractice if the doctor's negligence caused her injury. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a birth injury, contact experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal options.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can have devastating and long-term consequences for the victim, ranging from physical, emotional, and behavioral issues to cognitive problems from which the victim may not recover. Proving a brain injury occurred and proving the defendant responsible can be difficult, because brain injuries are often more difficult to detect than other types of injuries. Unlike a broken limb, symptoms of brain injury, such as changes in concentration, memory, emotion, and behavior, can be subtle and may take some time to appear, and make a definitive diagnosis more difficult. For a successful outcome, the person bringing the lawsuit to prove that the other party is at fault for the injury. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a brain injury, contact experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal options.

Burn Injuries

Despite efforts to be careful, burn injuries do happen. Some of the most common causes of severe burn injuries are car accidents, workplace accidents, defective products, electrical accidents, scalding water, fires in public places (in restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels), and apartment building fires. Burns can be catastrophic injuries that can alter someone's life, leaving them in severe pain and with disfigurement. In addition, severe burn injuries can lead to situations with lost income and lots of medical bills. A personal injury claim can help recover these costs and damages for pain and suffering. If you have been the victim of a burn injury, contact the experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal options.

Construction Accidents

Construction is a dangerous industry, with risks for injury coming from working with heavy machinery, dangerous tools, and at great heights. As a result, construction accidents can easily lead to serious injury. Despite these risks, construction workers have the right to expect that your workplace will be safe from unnecessary risks and injuries.

When construction accidents occur, personal injury lawsuits are a legal option for victims. To win a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove that another person or entity was negligent in its duty to keep you safe on the construction site, and you were injured as a result of that negligence. If you have been the victim of a construction accident, contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal options.

Nursing Home Neglect

According to the CDC, more than half a million adults over the age of 60 are abused or neglected each year. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed to hold a nursing home legally responsible if an act of negligence, neglect, or abuse on their premises caused harm to a resident.The facility can be held liable for nursing home neglect if negligent hiring, understaffing, inadequate training, breach of obligations, or medication errors occurred and caused a resident harm.

In a situation when nursing home neglect is suspected, consult a lawyer who has experience handling these cases. A nursing home neglect lawyer will ensure that your loved one’s well-being and legal rights are protected. If someone you love has been the victim of nursing home neglect, contact experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran to discuss your legal rights.

Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrator. However, the statute of limitations puts a time limit on the victim's right to file a lawsuit seeking damages from the perpetrator. To better understand statute of limitations deadlines in your state, consult with an experienced sexual abuse attorney.

Financial compensation won from damages in a personal injury lawsuit can be used to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, relocation costs, and any other expenses that may materialize as a result of being attacked. The amount of money a victim can get often depends on the severity of the injuries and the costs for medical treatment and continued therapy. If you or someone you love has been the victim of sexual abuse, call the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran’s experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal rights.

Slip & Fall

A slip and fall injury is a type of personal injury case based on a person slipping (or tripping) on someone else’s property and suffering injury. To hold the property owner liable in a lawsuit, unsafe conditions, such as ice and snow, slippery floors, damaged sidewalks, potholes, or debris, must have caused the fall that led to the injury. In addition, the property owner must have:

  • Caused the unsafe conditions, or allowed it to persist
  • Been aware of the unsafe conditions
  • Warned people of unsafe conditions they could not promptly remedy the situation

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident, call the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran’s roster of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal options.

What Falls under Personal Injury Law?

personal injury lawyer

Philadelphia personal injury attorneys can explain the different issues and situations that can fall under personal injury law. At its core, personal injury is a legal dispute that involves an injured party and those who can potentially be held financially responsible for a loss. The typical personal injury case involves negligence and the complaint of an injured party. Injury may include personal or physical injury, loss of job or wages due to inability to work, or wrongful death. Examples of typical personal injury suits include car accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, construction accident, and workplace accidents or injuries that arise due to negligence. Additionally, premises and products liability cases can be brought against a defendant for incidents involving an accident on the property of another person or instances involving harmful or dangerous products. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can advise you whether you have a viable case and what the best course of action is.

What questions Should I ask a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When consulting with a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, you will want to discuss any questions and concerns that you have upfront so that your lawyer can advise you as to the best strategy to win your case.

Some important questions that you will want to bring up before you pursue a case include:

  • How much are the fees for hiring a personal injury attorney?
  • What will I be financially responsible for in the event that I lose the case?
  • What will the timeline be for the case and trial?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of a settlement versus a trial?

Remember, you can always ask for more information if you are trying to determine whether your lawyer is a good fit. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia can be a nerve-wracking process, so take the time to ask questions and find out how your case is going to be handled.

What does a Personal Injury Attorney do?

A Philadelphia personal injury lawyer will help you recoup losses incurred during an accident or as the result of negligence or carelessness. There are many different types of personal injury cases, so if you have been injured or have suffered as the result of another’s actions or inactions, you should consult a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia to determine if you have a case.

What do I need to know before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia?

personal injury lawyerDon’t hesitate to ask questions before hiring a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. Gather as much information as you can and ask your Philadelphia personal injury lawyer about past experiences with cases similar to your own. Request information about what the trial may look like, what your role will be throughout, and what steps your attorney will take to assist with your case. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help to answer your questions and provide information regarding the trial process. Contact the Law Office of Jared S. Zafran at 215-587-0038 to discuss your situation with experienced local Philadelphia personal lawyer today.

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