What Is A Wrongful Death Case?

Losing a loved one too soon is a tragedy, especially when their death was caused by someone else. Sadly, surviving family members not only have to deal with their grief but may also face financial hardships due to the loss. Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys at Zafran Law Group can help with this difficult situation and have experience handling cases of wrongful death.

Instances Of Wrongful Death May Include The Following:

Philadelphia-based wrongful death lawyers at Zafran Law Group can help family members of wrongful death victims get through this trying time and recover losses due to funeral expenses, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering.

Occupational Exposures
Accident On The Premises Of A Business
Death Due To A Defective Product
Death At A Hospital Or Medical Facility
Vehicle Accidents

Can Family Members Sue For Wrongful Death?

Family members dealing with the devastating death of a loved one often feel overwhelmed by their loss, and the last thing on their minds is a lawsuit. Experienced Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys can make life easier.

If you have lost a loved one and their death was caused by someone else’s negligence, you can sue to recover your losses. Zafran Law Group’s staff of wrongful death attorneys in Philadelphia has experience dealing with insurance companies and winning cases to provide financial help and closure for family members.

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Philadelphia

Wrongful Death

If you are dealing with the loss of a family member due to a tragic accident caused by someone else, you probably have many questions about who to hire to help you recover your losses and ease your mind. Below are the two most important questions to ask when you are hiring a Philadelphia-area wrongful death attorney.

Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys at Zafran Law Group have tried many cases of wrongful death in the Philadelphia area and beyond, winning money for grieving family members. In addition to his experience as a wrongful death attorney in Philadelphia, Jared S. Zafran has been recognized as a Top 10 Personal Injury Attorney by Attorney and Practice Magazine and was honored by The Council of the City of Philadelphia for his selection to the Philly Labor Who’s Who in Injury and Injured Workers Advocacy List for 2019.

Jared S. Zafran’s team of wrongful death lawyers in Philadelphia can help you evaluate whether your case meets the legal criteria for wrongful death. Lawsuits to prove wrongful death can be long and costly, as well as emotionally draining. It is imperative that there is proof that the death was a direct result of the negligence or misconduct of someone else. Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers at Zafran Law Group offers a free consultation to help family members to determine if the loss of their loved one meets the criteria for wrongful death.

Hospital wrongful deaths can be especially complicated to litigate because of the need for medical experts to examine the case and affirm that the death was the result of the hospital’s negligence. The Philadelphia wrongful death lawyers at Zafran Law Group are skilled in hospital wrongful deaths and can pull together the evidence and expert testimony needed to win these difficult cases.

Why Do You Need A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Philadelphia?

Philadelphia-based wrongful death lawyers, such as those at Zafran Law Group, can make the difficult process of getting compensation due to the loss of a loved one smoother, giving you peace of mind. Big insurance companies have vast resources and employ tough tactics to defend themselves against wrongful death lawsuits, so you need someone experienced to help you get what you deserve. If you have unexpectedly lost a loved one through wrongful death, call our Philadelphia wrongful death attorneys at Zafran Law Group at 215-587-0038 today to discuss your legal rights and options.