Every person has the right to live free from violence and sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the CDC estimates that over one in three women and up to one in four men experience sexual violence in their lifetimes. This means that in the greater Philadelphia area alone, there are over 1.5 million survivors of sexual abuse. Contact Zafran Law Group today to have a confidential consultation with an experienced local Philadelphia sexual abuse attorney.

For victims of sexual abuse, finding the courage to speak up is challenging, and many survivors don’t know where to find help. An experienced Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer, however, can help victims navigate through this difficult time and help protect victims’ rights.

What Are The Legal Rights Of Sexual Abuse Survivors?

Victims of sexual abuse have rights, and it is part of the job of Philadelphia sexual abuse attorneys to ensure those rights are protected.

Victims have the right to be present at any criminal hearing of your assailant, and, if desired, give a victim impact statement at the individual’s sentencing.
It is your right to seek reimbursement for the cost of those services and medical treatments and to seek compensation for your suffering.
Victims have the right to be informed about resources and services in the community that can help them overcome the trauma of sexual abuse.
You have the right to provide input in any post-sentencing hearings of your assailant.
You have a right to seek a restraining order against the individual who assaulted you.

What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need For Child Sexual Abuse?

If you are a minor who has suffered sexual abuse, or if you are a parent or guardian who suspects their child has suffered sexual abuse, you will still need an experienced local Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer to help you through the legal aftermath of an assault.

Child victims of sexual assault have rights just as adults do in these circumstances, and sexual abuse attorneys in Philadelphia will work to ensure those rights are protected. It is important to find an attorney who has experience working with children, as it can be extremely difficult for children or minors to articulate their experiences.

Why Should You Hire A Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, it can be terrifying and intimidating to speak with an attorney about your experience. However, hiring a trustworthy local Philadelphia-based sexual abuse lawyer can play an important role in your healing process.

Your sexual abuse attorney will work hard on your behalf and keep your story in confidence in order to ensure civil justice against the people or entities that caused your suffering, fight for financial resources for support or resources you need and ultimately help bring closure to a life-changing experience. A sexual abuse attorney can help give you a voice and support when you need it.

What Does A Lawyer Who Represents Victims Of Sexual Abuse Do?

The most important role that a sexual abuse attorney in Philadelphia does is assist victims in navigating the legal aspects of a sex abuse case and ensure that their rights are adequately protected throughout that process. More specifically, a Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer will listen to your story and evaluate who may be at fault for your experience.

They can file a lawsuit and advocate on your behalf to make sure you receive just compensation and that you have access to the necessary tools for your recovery. They will also make sure that you are notified and kept apprised of all updates in your case. Having a Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer on your side can take the stress of litigation away while you focus on getting your life back on track.