About Zafran Law Group

Many personal injury lawyers settle their client’s cases for less than they deserve because they are unwilling to litigate their client’s claim and afraid to try their case in front of a jury. The insurance companies know that the trial tested lawyers at Zafran Law Group, will try their case if insurers fail to pay their clients fair value for their injuries. The lawyers at Zafran Law Group have tried countless cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey and maintain active trial practices throughout the State and Federal Courts in both of these states.

At Zafran Law Group, your case will be handled by a team of veteran trial lawyers, as well as overseen directly by Jared S. Zafran, Esquire. By maintaining a practice such as this, it ensures that each client’s claim is handled properly and zealously from inception to resolution. Zafran Law Group is selective in the work it accepts so that the cases we do undertake are going to get the proper time they deserve. While some firms have opted to become settlement mills, Zafran Law Group has opted to maintain its focus as a trial law firm.

All work performed is done on a contingency basis, meaning that no fee is owed by the client until a favorable resolution of their claim occurs. For a free consultation of your claim, please call 215-587-0038. Our staff is also fluent in Spanish, Hebrew, Khmer(Cambodian), Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, as well as English.