Dog Bite Injury Lawyer In Philadelphia

The Zafran Law Group specializes in dog bite injury cases in Philadelphia, providing legal support to victims to ensure they receive compensation for medical expenses and damages.

What Are Some Common Injuries From Dog Attacks?

There is a wide variety of injuries that can result from dog bites. In some cases, there are only minor scars or scratches, but more severe dog attacks can cause:

Muscle Tears
Broken Bones
Nerve Damage
Risk of Infection

Additionally, if a dog does not have all of its vaccinations, there is a chance of rabies contraction, which could cause damage to the central nervous system. To help you assess your injuries, talk to a dog bite injury lawyer, who can make sure you receive proper compensation for any necessary medical expenses.

Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Dog Bite Claims?

A personal injury lawyer handles cases that involve injuries as a result of the negligence of others. Dog attacks often occur because the dog was not properly trained, handled, or supervised by its owners. A personal injury lawyer that specializes in dog bites can help you file a claim against the dog owner, to hold them accountable for their dog’s hostile behavior. A dog bite injury lawyer can also ensure that the owner is held responsible to pay for the medical expenses you incurred.

The “One bite rule” or “First bite free rule” are synonymous concepts that describe the idea that dogs were typically given “one free pass” for the first time that they bite someone, before the owner becomes responsible for the damages. While this rule is active in sixteen states, including New York or Maryland, Pennsylvania does not follow this rule. Instead, the Pennsylvania law acts on a principle of strict liability, meaning that the owner is always responsible for injuries or damages from their dog, regardless of the dog’s previous behavior.

That is to say, even if the dog normally behaves in a calm or friendly manner, that does not excuse the owner from taking accountability for its actions. The history of the dog’s behavior is irrelevant. The victim of the attack is still entitled to compensation for any acquired medical expenses.

However, if the victim wants compensation for “non-economic” damages such as emotional trauma, they must prove that the owner was negligent to the dog’s behavior. This could be proved if the owner failed to restrain their dog, or failed to warn others of its dangerous tendencies. Under Pennsylvania law, a dog can be classified as “dangerous” if they meet any of the following qualifications:

The dog has attacked and/or seriously injured someone before this event without provocation
The dog has killed another domesticated animal without provocation while off its owner’s property
The dog has been used to commit a crime for its owner
It is important to speak with a dog bite injury lawyer to see what kind of compensation you may be entitled to receive.

There are several forms of evidence that would be helpful to present to a dog bite injury lawyer, including a picture of injuries or damages from the attack, any witness accounts, and a report of expenses that came from the incident. Additionally, you can keep a record of conversations that you had with the dog’s owner.

If you would like additional compensation to cover damages beyond medical treatment, you must provide proof of owner negligence. For example, there must be evidence that the owner made a mistake while handling their dog.

How Long Do Dog Bite Victims Have To File A Claim?

A victim must file their claim within two years of when the attack occurred. If the victim is a minor, they must file the claim before they turn 18. If the victim fails to file a claim before these deadlines, they will not be able to receive compensation for their injuries. A dog bite injury lawyer can help ensure that the claim is filed on time.

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